Update from Pastor Alan

Recently I read a post on Facebook, albeit tongue in cheek, was a good reminder.  The message simply said, “If you are fortunate enough to buy 30 rolls of toilet paper, don’t forget to take three to the church.”  No, I am not starting a toilet paper drive for Richfield.  But, as a fellow Richfielder, I just want to say that although we are not holding traditional services, Sunday Day School classes, prayer meetings, small groups and other events, the church operation goes on.  Just as in our individual households, the bills continue to show up at our doorsteps.

I know that some in our local church families are deeply impacted by the sudden changes in our lifestyle and you may not be in a position to tithe as in the past.  But please prayerfully consider giving what you are able.  You can give online by going to the church website and sign up.  You can also mail the checks to the church office.  

I have never written this type of messages in the past.  But we are in an unprecedented time.  I’m not writing this message in any official capacity of the Richfield Church of the Nazarene; just a Christian brother sharing what the Lord has laid on his heart.   

Steve Wang