Youth Dinner Theater
April 21, 2018     .     5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
17th ANNUAL Youth Dinner Theater Presents:

A Murderous Night at the Museum

It’s time for the Knotting Museum to unveil its newest exhibit, The Tomb of Aepep & His Wife, and several local celebrities have been invited to the big exhibition. the event seems to be running smoothly.  Smoothly, until someone is murdered and panic ensues.  Someone needs to figure out whodunit before another murder occurs, and it doesn’t take long for each of the guests to begin playing detective.  The only problem is that one of these detectives is actually the murderer.  Is it the cold cut loving man from New York?  His photo-snapping wife?  One of the bratty teenage twin sisters?  The love struck magician?  The forgetful chemist?  The thief or her clumsy companion?  When the museum’s mummified exhibit comes to life, the audience has the chance to assist the guests in determining whodunit!

Come find out who was responsible for foul play on Saturday, April 21 at 6 PM!
(Doors open at 5 PM to view silent auction items!)