Adult Sunday School Classes

All Classes take place on Sundays at 9:15 am.

Conquerors in Rm. 305:  Mixed age class led by Joy Staley

C.S.I. (Christians Seeking Instruction) in Rm. 301:  Mixed age class led by Pastor Alan Duce

REFUGE in Rm. 207:  Young Adults between 18-30 led by Greg Austill

Heaven Bound in the Conference Room:  Senior Adults led by Sharon Ross

Marriage on THE ROCK in Rm 304:  Young Marrieds led by Tim & Stacie Pierson
                                                                                                                      Mike & Ellen Nieman

New Beginnings  in Office 2 (In GYM area):  (New Members OR New to the church) led by Pastor Jan Duce

Precept Upon Precept in Rm. 303:  Mixed age class led by Barb Ewing & Isabell Florence

Sheltering Trees in Rm. 301:  Mixed age class led by Keith Boring

Truth Seekers in Rm. 103:  Mixed age class led by Tom Griffin

Who So Ever Will in Rm. 203:  Mixed age class led by Jack Kerr