Tech Team

“The problem with quotes on the internet is you can never be certain they’re authentic” – Abraham Lincoln
Technology in the right hands can be powerful!  It can harness power.  It can amplify sound.  It can illuminate the mind and senses.  It can also have a negative effect if in the wrong hands, or if not done well.  We are developing a top-notch tech team that will use the power of technology to increase the effectiveness of the many ministries at Richfield Nazarene.  We currently use lighting, projection, sound, video, computer networks, and many other things to help communicate the message of God’s love.
If you are tech savvy and would like to find a place to use those talents for God’s glory, I’d love to talk with you.  You can click here to send me an email to get things started!  I look forward to hearing from you.
-Jerry Sipes
Worship Pastor